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August 28, 2019
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August 28, 2019

Ten Things To Do In Preparation Of A Hurricane

Hurricane season is a few months away, but we don not have to wait it begins to prepare.

Below are then things you can do to prepare for hurricane season.

  1. Get a camera and take pictures. It is always a good idea to have pictures of your items. Take pictures of everything, even things that seem insignificant. For instance, it may seem insignificant to take pictures of the groceries that you have in the fridge, but it is far from insignificant. Some homeowner's insurance policies may cover for the loss of damaged food from a major storm. So, remember to take pictures of everything!
  2. Stock up on flashlights and batteries. Of course, everyone knows the value of flashlights and batteries in preparation of a storm, but not everyone realizes the scarcity of them once the storm approaches. We preparing for hurricane season, stocking up on items like batteries and flashlights as early as possible is the key to being prepared.
  3. Get the board games ready. Today we are inundated by electronic games and devices but what happens when we can't use those handy electronics, we have grown accustomed to using? Power surges are quite common during a hurricane, and it is not uncommon to see outages that last days. In other words, keep games on hand to help you occupy your time and keep everyone sane and entertained.
  4. Keep the pantry stocked with non-perishables way before hurricane season hits. We have all the frantic crowds rushing to the grocery store in preparation of the looming hurricane. Unfortunately, most of the crowds are preparing just before the storm is preparing to hit. Too often, shelves are scarce, and people fo not have all of the necessities. To avoid the frantic rush, start stocking up early. You do not have to purchase everything all at once. Begin with getting a few non-perishable on sale each time you shop. You will be surprised with your supply once the season hits.
  5. Stock up on pet supplies. As we frantically rush to prepare for the approaching storms, our pets are forgotten. It is important to prepare for them. Remember to stock up on food, and other pet necessities in advance.
  6. Organize, protect, and store your important documents in a safe place. In the event of an emergency evacuation, it is important to have all important documents in an organized accessible place. For instance, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, bank records, and the like can be placed in clear storage bags and collectively placed in a locked trunk or safe. Keeping your documents protected and accessible will prevent you from having to frantically search for them or lose them in the storm.
  7. Keep as many receipts as possible and store them in a safe place among other important documents. For instance, if you purchased a new television or computer, keep the receipt. I have heard countless stories of the value of property being disputed by insurance companies. If you keep the receipts to your merchandise this may assist with the process. Keep physical receipts for big ticket items in a safe place among other important documents. If you purchased the item online or received your receipt electronically, make sure that you save the receipts under an easy to find label in your email.
  8. Create an evacuation plan for your family. During a hurricane everyone in the household must be on the same page. Create an evacuation plan and go over it with your children. The plan should include where flashlights are stored, food is stored, which level of the house everyone should go to, and where first aid items are. It is important to run through a hurricane drill with the entire family to ensure that everyone knows what to do during the storm.
  9. Get a weather radio. As discussed earlier, power is known to go out during a storm. It is important to keep up with the weather even when the television and internet are down. Purchasing a weather radio is a worthwhile investment that will keep you updated as you battle the storm.
  10. Finally, make sure that your insurance policies are updated. It is important to review insurance policies prior to a storm to determine what the policy covers. It is important to review your policies every six months. Review any new purchases and discuss adding them to your insurance policy with your insurance agent.

Although preparation is great, when a hurricane hits some are still faced with devastation. If you are negatively affected by a hurricane and need assistance navigating through the choppy waters and finding the path to normalcy, we are here to help. Call Daniel L. Jacobs Law, we will go over the process in a detailed manner, inform you every step of the way, handle your insurance claim from beginning to end, and make sure that we do our best to bring you back to your best!

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