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The Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC Law Firm primarily focuses their efforts and resources on the area of tort law. We understand that any damage to your home due to weather or other unfortunate events can be stressful to fix. The legal team at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC is well-equipped to offer its legal services for your personal property insurance claim needs. We believe that every client, no matter the amount of damage being claimed, is IMPORTANT; as such, we treat every person with the care and respect they deserve through the duration of the property claim process. We will work with both your insurance company and your chosen contractor to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the claim process. And we are prepared to vigorously fight for you in court if your claim needs to be filed.

We believe that everyone deserves a lawyer, and we will always strive to achieve the best available legal outcomes for our clients. We cannot make promises as to what legal outcome we will be able to achieve for you; however, we can promise that the care and concern we will show for both you and your legal needs will be second to none. If you sustained a personal property damage to your home, contact the law firm of Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC.